Is this really my first blog…??!! Thoughts aren’t…

Since it’s my official first blog would like to introduce myself before sharing the thoughts and motivation  and the aspirations to reach this platform. 

Am Sujata , Indian, Bengali by language , married, mother of a 2.5 yr lo,a fashion merchandiser by the day, and a social media enthusiast post 12.oo am when my lil munchkin finally sleeps. 

Why I need to be here..writing… entering the world of blogs…well the reasons I think are:

1. I love writing, expressing myself through easy going write ups exclusively for myself..locked in my lil diaries (grammatical not strong I guess, so I say easy going write ups). Finally I thought let’s try sharing my thoughts with others…see their reaction. Doesn’t seemed harmful

2. Guess I love multitasking like all other ladies out here! Relation ship work + office work… hasn’t been able to satisfy my inner self and is pushing me to do something more

3.  Something for myself only

4. Want to talk about relationships, feelings & FASHION here! 

5. Fashion makes me a chameleon…a women with it instantly feels like a Diva!! It does the same to me & even more I guess….

See you all in my world ..where am the Boss & the follower both. Where am the love & the lover both. Where am the creator and the creation both. 

See you all soon…




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