Life of Fashionista Mother! 💞 #fashion  #motherhood #love #life

I started writing blogs because of my 2.5 year old son & my love for fashion. They are my reasons. While I would put him to sleep daily night singing lullabies I would often think what after this. ..and ended up on social networking sites just browsing crap.

He generally dozes off by 10ish and I can’t sleep before 11.30 ( old habits die hard) !!…So springed the idea of writing something in this “ME” time…My journey began with Google, looking for apt answers for my questions…

– What are blogs ? (Complete world is either busy writing or reading one)

– How are they written? (Since I left creative writing ever since left school)

– Who reads them? (I never did earlier if not promoted by my friends, until I got my own blog started)

Finally I gathered myself and wrote something about that crossed my thoughts first and closest to my heart…that was FASHION, LIFE & MOTHERHOOD..( If you happen to read them…well…God save you…its a “khichdi” we Indians say)

So cheers to My son that I could come up with something meaningful other than my home & work life! And to deep dive into My love for Fashion…Mwahh…

The toughest thing to do after you become a mother is to dress up, dress up well…When at home I was a “one of the boobs out of my shirt always” mom! And then grabbing anything to wear when getting ready for office. Always short of time…not wanting to spend time on thinking about clothes.. Whenever shopping it’s always baby stuff on mind…If you think of dressing up, the baby poops …The list can go on & on…

Though I was in the happiest mode of life with the arrival of my bundle of joy ; Somewhere deep inside I was missing my Fashionista Self! My preggers days were fashionable too…so what happened to me now???…I kept thinking if I was really happy from within …I surely love my child..nothing gives me a greater sense of satisfaction, love, belonging than him..but I wanted to love myself too! Without feeling guilty…without being over whelmed with the suggestions & advises on how to keep my baby well, how to take care of him, who should be my priority, how will I attain the highest space in  ladder of motherhood by sacrificing myself…

So after months of initial struggle I finally could break my own created shell and started dressing up the way I used to, I love to!! And bonus was being able to dress up #mylittleman #mymunchkin fashionably as well!! Brownie motivation for me…

So would like to share some simple tips on young & fresh moms on dressing up:

1. Keep it simple, slip in a nice dress – always works with the little baby bump left too

2. Tie your hair in a bun so it doesn’t bothers your child, is hygienic & you can look super stylish too

3. Wear wedges I/o of heels!! Believe me with a baby in your arms you definitely need a more stable solid footwear to keep your stable & stylish

Be inspired, Be Stylish!! 

Love, Sujata 💕

#fashion # motherhood #life #love #style

64 thoughts on “Life of Fashionista Mother! 💞 #fashion  #motherhood #love #life

  1. Two kids in, and I still try to remind myself that I gotta wear a dress and some heels every once in a while. And I try, I buy the heels and they collect dust in the closet. It’s time for this to end. Thanks for the inspiration, just because I’m a mom, doesn’t mean I need to dress frumpy.

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